W1. My media

Among the colorful palette of media platforms, Instagram is my favorite. although my love for it has almost remained constant during the 4 years of my membership, the ways I have translated my mood into the content I share has had some major swings. After choosing Instagram as the platform I would elaborate on my use of, I went through my posts – all 462 of them– to procrastinate and find my favorite area of its use.

It had been a warm summer. The year? 2015, when in one of the drier cities of Iran, I made my glorious entrance into the world of Instagram. That year, aka my last year in Iran, was really eventful. It was the time in my life when I almost had an idea of what social group I belonged in and had a lot of people I knew and with no real-life responsibilities, since I was to leave the country soon, I had a lot of time on my hands.


Being in the most social area of my life, I felt confident, – I didn’t know that feeling was confidence back then though, I was only recently able to identify it when I looked back and noticed major differences in comparison to my current behavioral patterns on social media– Back then my Instagram was a platform where I didn’t try. I didn’t check the number of my followers or the likes on my posts. I posted regularly and my content was meant to entertain my friends and it did so by simply showing what I have found entertaining. I had a selective audience of about 200, whom I followed back. This was the most successful approach I have had towards the platform where despite my few followers, people almost always interacted with my content in the comments, to share the experience or top it up with a joke.


After I moved to Australia I became really busy. Between working and studying, I had an entire world to discover and a new culture to adapt to. Moving to the land far far away, changed the daily sources of my humor and entertainment to elements of the new world I was surrounded by, a world which my audience whom I used to share social experiences with couldn’t connect to anymore. Inside jokes slowly faded away and I lost my source of connection to many friends and as a result my audiences.


Later, I decided to try a different approach towards the platform. I switched my private account to public and decided to start sharing content that was not limited to a place or culture, something I enjoyed myself and wanted to share with people. My art became that content!


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