W2. One flew over the irony

I must have been about 7 or 8 the first time I went to a cinema.
I think I remember the announcement about the upcoming event coming from my teacher in second grade…or just a collage of memories previewing the average setting of all elementary school announcements I have witnessed. They always involved A4s, which would later be divided into 4 consent forms for us to have signed by parents.

I always wanted to be the one who folded those A4s… I would have torn them into perfect identical rectangular sheets. I remember watching my teacher do it…and then carelessly tear THROUGH the text frame lines and hand out these uneven unknown shapes of paper…

Scrubs- (GIPHY)

Other than what I can only recognise as a mild case of OCD I remember how cute the little orange and blue busses we went on these little adventures were or how I identified the cool teacher from mean ones (for future reference if I had to ask for a pee break)  by whether or not they were wearing a brighter colored hijab or the depth of the lines between their eyebrows. I also remember being self contentious about where I had to sit that year! you see, that year I experienced being betrayed by a friend for the very first time, as well as self-consciousness so I couldn’t tell which face says NOT an evil seven year old.

When the movie started, I was mesmerized by how the sound of the screen came from everywhere in the room other than the screen itself and how the loud noise shut all those tiny humans right up! a technique I later used when babysitting.

I didn’t understand much of the movie that day…there was a lot on my head (hahaha) but I  know it was Red Hat (Kolah Ghermezi), a kindhearted, young but foolish puppet that entertained any age. I did feel closer to my parents as I was watching the show cause I knew they had seen it. The key comedy of this show originally lies in the dark and mildly dirty lampoons of it which remains a little secret between educators and parents who sign the consent forms each year until we grow up and do the same for our children.

All n all cinema never turned into an independent event for me. I guess I would have thought differently if I had a different first impression. In my experience, cinema-going was always an excuse for something else, usually some form of a social experiment. While growing up I witness it being used as an excuse to stull, to secretly date or get out of the house but never to enjoy the medium itself. Perhaps I should do that on my own! as soon as the winter’s over. I Don’t see myself giving up my cozy and warm movie nights until then.

Here’s a drawing I did to give you an image 😀

uniforms, busses, teachers and a movie



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