Would you have acted differently if you’d known you had the upper hand?


A couple of days back I read a Street photographer’s rights information sheet that was suggested in my BCM241 readings. The section that caught my eye was a summary of the dos and don’ts of public photography in Australia particularly capturing people in public. I was instantly able to re-imagine myself in a couple of memorable previous experiences of public photography. 

I remember once I stopped myself from capturing a shot of the sunset on the beach because I thought: ‘hm…this might make someone uncomfortable.’ or another time where I asked a stranger if I could take her photo because I found the setting she was reading at beautiful. Another time I was stopped while shooting a Macaroon stand in the mall by a woman who claimed I had shot her in the background! TRUE STORY. She stood a breath away while I went through the video to find out whether she was right. unfortunately she was, so she aggressively ordered me to delete it!

I could have gone ahead with shooting my footage on the beach, I didn’t need to ask for permission before I shot an image of the reading girl and the truth that keeps me up at nights (drumroll)… I did not have to listen to the aggressive lady in the mall either. I could have just said: ‘ Get your hands off my phone aggressive lady. I have done nothing wrong.‘ and just walked away gloriously while the law had my back.


All jokes aside, I don’t think knowing my photography rights would have changed the way I approached any of the scenarios I mentioned. After all, people have their own reasons for protecting their privacy the way they do. It’s sometimes up to our common sense to decide whether or not we want to be more considerate about something we don’t “legally” have to.

Deebz out.



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