W4. Dibs on the colored TV.

When it comes to memories and experiences, elders always have the best specially when it comes to memories of television! I had heard bits and pieces of my Mom’s memories of television and my Dad’s interpretation of the old advertisements. They live overseas so I sent them a message to ask whether they were interested in being interviewed for my public blog and they were positive. I also asked how they would like to be mentioned and they agreed to be my parents (hahaha). However, I wasn’t able to reach them at a time when they were together so I asked my mom to tell me HER best memories of television.

‘ My father was the first person in the neighborhood to buy a colored TV. Everyone would come over at nights to watch it together. ‘

Mom’s childhood home was in a neighborhood where everyone was family and friends. When my grandfather bought a colored TV all those families would gather around in their living room to enjoy the exciting new television. ‘…remember the brown couch?’ oh yes. The teddy bear of couches…turns out, they had 3 of them, pushed against the walls of the living room to fit everyone but still, my mom -who was about 10 years old- and some of the other kids had to sit on the floor!

The nights always reached a point where the guests got divided into two sides: The side that wanted to watch music videos on Rangarang channel and the side who wanted to watch The Six Million Dollar Man (1974–1978) on the other channel. There was a routine way that this argument would usually end but it never stopped it from happening. In the end, Rangarang Chanel got to be watched on the colored TV leading the other group to the dining room where they would watch The Six Million Dollar Man on the black and white TV.

Compared to my Mom’s colorful but crowded memories of television, mine lost all color. My memories of television are usually about the programs I have watched where my Mom’s story began and ended with people, reaction, sitting arrangements and all these details that I don’t see when there’s a screen in the room. Mom ended her story with a random fact about her childhood home. The kitchen. She remembered:’ The kitchen was too small for the number of guests we had’ she continued ‘ Mom was always unhappy with it’ and I could completely imagine my grandma’s dissatisfaction with the kitchen, she has always been very critical of kitchens.


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